The Ordinary. Coverage Foundation – First Impression 

Another ‘excited-to-try’ foundation but with a slightly different price tag. This foundation has been raved about by many a well respected beauty blogger and was so popular it was out of stock EVERYWHERE!

I finally found it at Victoria Health’s website – it was out of stock but they did have a waitlist. I ordered in April and it arrived in June for the grand old price of………… £5.50. How can a £5.50 foundation be so good? (And cruelty free :))

There are two variations of this foundation – a high coverage and a serum foundation. If you’ve picked up anything from reading my blogs you’ll know the high coverage was the one I wanted to get my mitts on. Like most foundations it did take a couple of layers to build up to full coverage but it built up well and wasn’t cakey. It was actually so liquid-like I wondered if two layers would do it but it’s high pigmentation more than made up for its consistency.

It’s coverage that I like but I think it still looks really natural – thumbs up for the start of the day!

Next check-in was 5 hours later:

As you can see (in my lovely parka) it still looks good! There is some shine but not a huge amount  (mega shine/oily skin type). It had started to separate around my mouth/chin which didn’t look great and I was getting slightly worried.

I was at work and when I’m in the office I do get more shiny so I had to take this into consideration. Home a few hours later (9hrs wear by this point) and I took some more pics which hopefully show up the little more shine that had appeared.

There is more shine and it doesn’t look great however like I’ve said before I don’t do touch ups on test days. It didn’t look amazing but the separation hadn’t gotten any worse and I didn’t think we’d gone past the point where a touch up could sort things – I therefore had a go!

All I did for this was pat a little tissue paper on the oily areas and gave a small dusting of translucent powder – this totally solved the shine.

It’s maybe unfair that I didn’t give the Hourglass foundation a chance to be redeemed but when a foundation is £5.50 I expect to need to touch it up at some point during the day. It also didn’t take much to make it look good again.

All in all I was impressed! It’s not going to take the place of my current Smashbox favourite but for the price the quality is AMAZING and just goes to show that you don’t always have to pay a fortune for good makeup.

It’s still not widely available but Victoria Health still stock them. In terms of shade I got mine from a post by Wayne Goss which gave the equivalent shades in Mac foundation which I used many moons ago. So if you’ve ever used Mac you’ll find a shade to suit you no problem.  Even if you take a guess, the amazing price tag will allow for the odd colour mismatch.

As I leave you I’m trying to calculate how many more Kylie Lip Kits I can buy with what I would save on foundation if I fully converted to this…..but I’m rubbish at Maths so lets just say A LOT and be happy about it 🙂

Love and hugs xxx

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