Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation – First Impression 

It’s been a while since I’ve done a foundation first impression so I thought I’d have a comeback with a product I’ve considered buying for the longest time – Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation.  What’s stopped me getting it – the £50 price tag and so-so reviews, people seem to either love it or hate it.

I could only find it available at two stores – John Lewis and Space NK, neither of which are that near to where I live and I didn’t want to guess the shade. I recently went to a city a bit nearer civilisation and paid a visit to Space NK, after a colour match I bit the bullet and bravely asked if they did samples – success! I genuinely couldn’t have paid £50 without knowing if it was any good.

So today was the day, I was finally trying it and was hugely excited. Firstly I need to say that it is designed to work well for oily skin, whilst covering imperfections and reducing the appearance of pores and acne scars – sounds perfect!

I applied it with a brush and it took a couple of coats to build up to full coverage, once built the finish was so beautiful – sooooo beautiful! No caking, it didn’t emphasise anything it shouldn’t  (pores, I’m talking to you) and just generally made my skin look so pretty.

The colour match was also spot on – Shell for any pale folks out there.

5 hours later and remarkably I hadn’t looked into a mirror in all that time so I had a look to see how we were doing…..

I’m not looking quite as cheery as the first pic, and there’s a reason for that – shine. Gutted. It wasn’t really bad but it’s definitely there, mostly around the t-zone. It doesn’t show up amazingly well on the photo but I swear it’s there. With a ‘normal skin’ foundation this wouldn’t worry me as I expect it but I did have higher hopes for this – Smashbox and Kat von D last longer than this before shining and are at least £20 cheaper.

I’m sure it would’ve touched up fine but on test days I don’t do this just so I can see how it wears without. It had also slightly sunk into my smile lines which I didn’t expect due to the complexion perfecting promises. Again though, on a normal day this would be solvable so I wanted to see how it got on for another few hours.

I tried to take the pictures as close as possible whilst not terrifying you in the process – more oil/shine, to the point where I felt really uncomfortable because I knew how much of a hot mess it was starting to look – again, the photos don’t show how bad it was. It had also started to wear off around the edge of my face and was separating where I was oily – there is no coming back from that in terms of touch ups so I took it off.

Words cannot express how gutted I was. I had such high hopes, particularly after how beautiful it looked at the start of the day. It would have been possible to touch up at the 5 hour mark but there was nothing I could do when it started separating – so disappointed!!

If you have a normal skin type it would probably be fine, but unfortunately if you’re on the oily side of combo it may not live up to expectations.

Therefore I’m extremely sad to say that I won’t be parting with £50 to get the full bottle – my bank, however, is thrilled.

Love and hugs xxx


  1. It looks fabulous to start the day off with but definately went down hill in the perfection stakes for you. Well done asking for the sample, a good lesson learnt I should imagine!
    Lovely to,see you back blogging. Xxx

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