Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette


Along with liquid matte lipsticks my other obsession is eye palettes- I cannot get enough of them! I therefore decided a couple months ago to get possibly one of the most beautiful looking palettes I’ve ever seen – Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

As an added bonus you get a double ended blending brush – it’s not the softest but I tend to only use it for my base/highlight colour so limited blending needed!

Colour wise they are as beautiful on as they are in the palette..


Seriously stunning! Amazing pigmentation, limited fall out, long lasting and they blend like a dream! I’m a fan of getting everything I need for a look out of one palette – transition colours, main lid colour, highlight and smokiness as well as being able to be as dramatic or not as I like – this ticks all the boxes.

Raw Sienna is my go to transition along with a tiny bit of Burnt Orange, if I’m going pinks then Venetian Red is also good in the crease. If I want to cut the crease Cyprus Umber is perfect as well as giving a beautiful smokey effect in the outer V. For a softer outer V Antique Bronze is so gorgeous and subtle enough to wear through the day.

For lid colours the other shades are equally as exquisite with a mix of Primavera and Vermeer being my favourites for day to day. For extra drama shades such as Red Ochre or Realgar give an amazing pop of colour.

There truly is something for everyone in this palette regardless of if you’re warm, cool or neutral. It is on the pricier side at around £40 but the pans will last forever with the pigment being so strong.

The other difficulty is actually getting hold of it! Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty stock some ABH but the palette is out of stock, I got mine from the ABH website which means it’s cheaper for the product but there’s the added pain of customs and shipping – my excuse was that I neeeeeeeded this palette in my life!

It may be obvious but I’m in total and complete love with these eyeshadows and if I could only choose one palette to have this would be it – even in front of the Kylie palette (blog coming soon for that one) And you know how obsessed I am with Kylie Cosmetics!

I could go on gushing uncontrollably but I think you get the point – if make up is your thing, you need this palette! And I need to go and calm down!



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