Kat von D ‘Tattoo Liner’ Eyeliner


I’ve had this a few weeks now and wanted to wait a while before posting a review just in case the quality or intensity suffered as time went on. I’ve had liners that dry up after a while or just somehow don’t perform quite the same as time goes on.

Patience is not one of my strong points so this has been a challenge because I LOVE this liner! It comes in black and brown and I’ve only used the black so far so can’t say if the brown performs the same but I would be extremely hopeful.

So what do I look for in a liquid liner – intense colour, no smudging, long lasting and, of course, ease of application – liquid liner is hard enough and any help the product provides is fine by me!

This liner gets huge ticks against each of these, the black is intense, once it’s on it doesn’t budge for a very long time and as the tip is like a tightly packed brush rather than felt tip it really helps you when applying it. It’s firm enough to have control but has the flexibility you need to work with the shape of your eye.

My eyes are fairly watery particularly in the cold, and this liner more than passes the long last/no Smudge test, it also doesn’t fade so you have the same lush intensity all day. The only time it comes off is when I take my make up off at the end of the day and it comes off with make up wipes or remover no problem. I’ve had liners that come off my eye but then move around my face in solid blocks resulting in lots of scrubbing and sore eyes/face afterwards!

I started using liquid liner a few months ago as it’s always scared me and after lots (and lots!) of practice they’re slowly starting to look okay – a lot of this I put down to good liner that does a lot of the work for you. This definitely does this. I also need to have a notable mention for Sainsburys surgical tape, without which my wings would still be struggling!



It’s about 50p a roll and is more effective than any of the expensive liner guides (I’m talking about you Beauty Blender Liner Designer!)

My flicks have never been so good and if you’re good at eyeliner yours will be awesome with the combo of tape and Tattoo Liner!

I’ve also used it for a thin line without wings and it’s equally as good. I really can’t say enough good things about it and now it’s available online at Debenhams I need never have dodgy wings again!

Lastly, I experimented with glitter eyes recently and put my liner on after the glitter.  I was slightly worried that applying it over glitter would be an epic fail but it didn’t let me down – and here’s the proof!


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro this eyeliner will work for you, most liners can sense your fear but this one puts an arm around your shoulder and tells you everything’s going to be okay.


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