Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation – First Impression


I have been dreaming of this foundation for the longest time – claims of major full coverage that doesn’t budge all day eventually were too hard to resist and although Debenhams are due to start stocking Kat Von D later in the year I just couldn’t wait any longer!

I ordered through Sephora and considering it was coming from across the pond it was here within a week (I’m currently ignoring that there was postage and customs charges attached but the good thing was all these are paid up front).

First I have to say that the packaging and bottle is just beautiful, just pop off the KVD badge at the top and just one press down is all you need to cover your whole face – just one pump and a beauty blender for truly full coverage.  It blended out really easily and smoothly as well as not accentuating my pores – a big yay for that!


It’s a really thick consistency but doesn’t feel heavy at all, it would be really easy to put way too much on which is why I started with just the one pump.  I like a truly full coverage and this really is, I know a lot of foundations are buildable but I’m fairly lazy and like just one layer – also I’m always worried that more layers slide about more so this was perfect!

However, this is first thing in the morning so I’m trying not to get too excited because one layer can just as easily fall off my face – really it can, my face is just a bit silly that way.

So, 4 hours in, how are we doing? This is my usual ‘start to shine’ time.


Still perfect!  Also the Kylie Lip Kit is doing well (this one is Kourt K which I love!)

No movement, no oxidising, no looking like a sweaty mess!  It’s also a fairly warm day which always accelerates the shining process so big yays so far.

Another 4 hours and my face should be melting at this point.


But it isn’t! A tiny bit of shine but nothing that I’d make the effort of touching up.

I’ve also seen reviews that after a few hours it has made people look a bit grey, for me the finish hasn’t changed at all.  If I’m looking slightly smug on the pic that’s because I’m trying to hide my excitement that this might actually be the real deal, my holy grail foundation that I have spent the majority of my adult life searching for.

Now really I should have left it at this point but due to said smugness I thought I’d take another pic after a few more hours.


The lip kit may not have made it but the foundation definitely has – more smug looks and much excitement!  Again, no movement, sliding, falling off into a creamy mess, nothing!

I am now struggling for words because it was everything I dreamed of and more.  I never thought this day would come!  I need to add a disclaimer that if you don’t like true full coverage then it’s not for you but let’s not let that spoil things – embrace the fullness!

I’m feeling slightly emotional as my life is now complete, I need a new life quest as I didn’t plan for this moment!  So for now, I’ll be obsessively checking for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette to come back into stock somewhere as well as the Kylie Birthday Editions…..Kyliner I will have you!

All that’s left now is to bow down to Kat Von D and the wonder of the Lock-It Foundation, I shall now be looking smug for the foreseeable future.


  1. Wow you look really good indeed in fact you are looking just as good in your last picture as the first the only difference is that little smug look! Ha ha
    I have to agree there is nothing worse especially on a warm day or in a warm room than to feel the gooey slip coming on. Delighted you have achieved your goal well done.


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