Kylie Lip Kit – Worth the hype?

I’m star struck by a lip kit.  I’m admittedly a tad excitable at times but this is getting a bit silly, I’m half excited, half nervous just in case it’s not all that…there may be tears… 

It does actually have a lot to live up to, not only because I’ve wanted one for so long, but because the liquid lipsticks I’ve already tried are pretty darn impressive – and available in this country which is always a plus.

My anticipation was so great I even forgot to pout in any of my ‘scientific’ pictures, please don’t be too disappointed in me.

20160713_090235 1

The colour of this one is Exposed and it’s beautiful, perfectly understated and I love it.  As directed I put the lip pencil all over the lips then added a coat of the lip colour, it didn’t need much at all so will definitely be long lasting.  Enough gushing, lets see how it lasts.

The website doesn’t actually promise any specific length of wear so the cynic in me is expecting a couple of hours – if it’s long wearing you’d shout about it right?

Like the other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried it dries really quickly, you can feel it’s dried but it doesn’t feel drying if that makes sense, also once it’s dry there is zero transfer, none of my precious colour is lost on my first cuppa of the day.

Next test was lunch, a few more brews and it was time for a check in, this was 5 hours after application:

20160713_130320 1

Still all there – we’re doing well!  Next check in is after 9 hours in total:

20160713_173001 1

Just a tiny bit faded I think but the coverage is still strong, after this it was time for tea and it did start to fade a little more noticeably but I am still so stunned at how long these liquid lippies last in comparison to any other lip product I’ve used.  In a strange kind of way I’m so in love with this product that I wanted it to fade by midday so I could put some more on.  I’m aware that makes no sense at all but that’s not a new experience for me!

So all in all Kylie didn’t let me down, I’m never going to have her amazing lips but at least I can have their colour which is probably the best I can hope for.  I also need to confess I’ve ordered another couple of colours in my giddy excitement, that coupled with the news that there will be lip glosses released to match up with every lip kit on 15th July I think I may just pop before then.

I’m now off to get a grip, act my age…..and set my alarm for the 15th of course.


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