The things that perk you up…

We all get sad right?  When it happens everyone has something that just gives them that extra something to give them the hint of a smile again.  For me today that something was a very special delivery from Kylie Cosmetics.

As shallow as that may sound it did the trick today – I’d been logging on to the website for weeks in the slim hope that the latest restock hadn’t disappeared and finally a couple of weeks ago my wish was granted.  Two kits ordered and today was the day the beauties arrived.

One thing that I need to point out is that custom charges aren’t included in the cost of shipping so you will have to pay these to pick the parcel up, it comes via Royal Mail so as long as you have a delivery office nearby it’s an easy pick up.

I’ve never been so excited to open a box (and I know how ridiculous that sounds!)


Look, she even put a note in it for me, God bless her, taking time out of her busy schedule to do that……

And back to reality!  I ordered two shades – Exposed and Candy K, in the box you get the lip colour and the lip liner along with Kylie’s top tip – put the liner all over and one layer of the lip colour on top.  That doesn’t sound too complex so I consider my training and preparation complete for the full (and obvs scientific) test tomorrow.

Yep, still excited…

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